Songtwit: Twitpic for Music

Songtwit: Twitpic for Music

This is a neat idea which really should have been done a long time ago. Although there are plenty of ways to search for tracks online and share them, there are few ways to simply upload and share.


Whilst not the most beautifully designed site, SongTwit does in fact do the trick. From the Songtwit homepage, you can either:

  • search the library of songs (likely to be derived from YouTube or imeem I believe)
  • Enter a web address of an mp3, or,
  • Upload a file to share from your harddrive

Once you’re done, login with your Twitter details – they really should have OAuth implemented by now – and finally send a message along with the track to your Twitter followers.

Unfortunately, when I tried to upload a track and share it with my followers, all seemingly went smoothly until I tried to play it. The player is imeem’s and I was told the audio was processing and I should check back soon.  That’s bound to frustrate my followers.

Update: Developer Danny Hakim tells me that he’s using imeems API which basically means all uploads will take a few minutes to process – not much he can do about it unfortunately.

Update 2: Playback of uploads seem to be shortened so you’re not in fact sharing the entire song which is frustrating to say the least.

The idea is wonderful, but the app itself has much room for improvement. More than anything it’s imeem’s API is what’s letting the app down

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