Twones launches private beta, to revolutionize the way we consume music

Twones launches private beta, to revolutionize the way we consume music

Today, Amsterdam based Twones launches in private beta. Twones is a new Music service that tracks the music you’re playing on your computer (iTunes, WMP, Winamp) AND on 18 web services (Youtube,, Myspace, Muxtape etc.). Disclosure: The Twones guys share offices with us and we have a minor stake in the company
Read also what Techcrunch wrote about Twones.

The service collects the songs and destinations you’re playing and shows your songs and the songs your ‘friends’ are playing in a twitter like interface.

Screenshot of music stream:

Screenshot of Heavy Rotation (most popular songs)

Twones might have the answer to the legal problems of most online music services. Twones directs the traffic to the source where the song is played in first hand, the service itself does not play or embed songs and just collects and displays the data of which songs are played on which site. Twones could be seen as the Delicious of music, it drives traffic to other sites.

Earlier this year Twones received seed funding from a group of European Live Nation informals, the world’s largest concert and music promoter.

Check the 3 minute intro video: (notice the avatar :) )

Twones Video Demo from Twones on Vimeo.

Want to try it? We have 100 invites
Go to Twones, fill out “TNW” as invitation code and sign up. Have fun.

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