Pandora launches a music forum in cooperation with Energizer

Pandora launches a music forum in cooperation with Energizer

If you are an user of Pandora, the provider of online personalized radio service, you now have the chance to interact and discuss with other users about your favorite music and bands.

Pandora just launched a music discussion forum for its legions of music fans. The new forum provides Pandora’s robust user base with a platform to interact with each other once they’ve discovered new artists and bands. The forum can be accessed here: (they could have chosen a better name, I think)

This forum is opened in cooperation with Energizer (remember that pink bunny?), one of the world’s largest manufacturers of primary batteries, battery-powered devices and flashlights. Energizer and its iconic Energizer Bunny® will be presented as a branded skin framing the forum content and will encourage Pandora users to talk about music by creating a user profile complete with avatar choice, share their Pandora music discoveries, ask questions of other users, give opinions on bands and artists and interact with musicians who want instant feedback on new material.

This forum is a good way for Energizer to brand its name more to users (that is, it’s a marketing tool after all).

The forum will be promoted to users via co-branded ads from Pandora and Energizer on Pandora’s home page with a link to the forum and email announcements to registered users with a link to the forum as well.

We will see how much traction this forum will have among music fans around Pandora service.

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