Manual camera features and intuitive notifications are coming to new LG Android phones


LG has announced the latest version of its custom Android user interface, ahead of the launch of its G4 phone later this month.

LG UX 4.0’s new features include Quick Shot, which lets you shoot pictures anytime — even when the display is off — just by double-tapping your phone’s Rear Key.

There’s also a Smart Bulletin that aggregates information and widgets in one place for easy access.

Smart Bulletin

The camera app now has a Manual mode with a range of shooting options for greater control over how your shots turn out.

LG has also revamped the Smart Notice feature, adding more personalized weather, travel and schedule notification based on users’ daily routines and habits.

UX 4.0 also includes a more intuitive calendar app that supports gestures,a smarter Gallery that creates albums based on events, and Ringtone ID, which automatically composes unique ringtones for every caller in your address book.

We’ll get a better look at LG’s new Android experience when the company launches its flagship G4 on April 28.

➤ LG Unveils More Human-centric LG UX 4.0 [LG Newsroom]

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