WhatsApp is now a medium for storytelling

WhatsApp is now a medium for storytelling

Here’s an interesting sign of the prevalence of messaging apps — and WhatsApp, in particular — in modern life. The soon-to-be-Facebook-owned app is being used as a medium for online storytelling. And a pretty compelling one at that too.

While I must confess that this story isn’t my cup of tea, I’ve been surprised at how popular this WhatsApp-themed story on Storiesforyourscreen.com has been, at least among my own friends.

Update: It seems that the site is having intermittent difficulties loading, though you can access a cached copy at the URL if it is down.

The clever format of the story draws users in and succeeds at keeping them engaged — check it out if you haven’t yet.

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Storytelling is a new string to the messaging bow, which already includes commerce and marketing as well as facilitating daily conversations between users.

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Headline image via LIONEL BONAVENTURE/Staff

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