Nokia X already hacked to run Google Apps

Nokia X already hacked to run Google Apps

Last week at Mobile World Congress, Nokia unveiled a number of new low-cost Android devices under the “X” moniker that aren’t able to access Google’s services.

One of the company’s key points during the announcement of the devices was that they are designed specifically for Microsoft services — such as Outlook and Skype — rather than the ability to use any of Google’s offerings, which are not available out of the box. Today, an XDA-developers member posted a simple guide to get Google’s services working on the Nokia X.

Once the five-step process is completed, users are able to use the Google Play store to download other apps as well as use services such as Gmail, Hangouts and Drive. What’s most amazing about the guide is that Nokia actually doesn’t mind, with a post on Twitter saying the company is “excited to see progress being made.”

➤ Nokia X hacked to run Google’s Android apps and services [The Verge]

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