Following Brazil debut, Telefonica to launch Firefox OS smartphones in Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay this week

Following Brazil debut, Telefonica to launch Firefox OS smartphones in Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay this ...

Mozilla today announced Telefonica is launching Firefox OS phones this week in Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay. Both the ZTE Open and the Alcatel One Touch Fire are arriving in Mexico today, while Peru gets the ZTE Open, and Uruguay gets the Alcatel One Touch Fire.

Mozilla says this week’s debut means Firefox OS is now available in nine countries. More are coming soon, but the timeline continues to shift around because multiple carriers are on board with multiple devices in multiple countries.

Telefonica already offers Firefox OS phones in Spain, Colombia, and Venezuela. Just last week, the carrier debuted the LG Fireweb in Brazil.

Deutsche Telekom, meanwhile, offers Firefox OS phones in Poland and Germany, but is also planning respective launches in Hungary and Greece this fall. Telenor has also confirmed plans to roll out Firefox OS phones in Hungary, Serbia, and Montenegro by the end of this year.

All new Firefox OS phones ship with the latest version of Firefox OS (1.1). Mozilla says existing Firefox OS users will be upgraded to the latest version “soon,” but it wouldn’t detail exactly when that would occur.

Firefox OS version 1.1 adds new features such as MMS messaging, a better search interface, Gmail and Hotmail contacts import, as well as auto-correction while typing. It also includes support for a number of new languages, which are of course necessary as Firefox OS ships to more and more countries.

Mozilla has yet to disclose sales figures for Firefox OS devices. Right now, there appears to be some interest in the new smartphones, but it’s difficult to gauge just how much.

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