Nokia’s inexpensive Lumia 520 is now the most popular global Window Phone handset

Nokia’s inexpensive Lumia 520 is now the most popular global Window Phone handset

Last week AdDuplex teased that the Nokia Lumia 520 handset had become the most popular Windows Phone handset in the world, but declined to publish its formal statistics at that time. The company, which provides advertising solutions to both Windows and Windows Phone applications, has put out the figure: The Lumia 520 controls 13.3% of the total Windows Phone market.

It’s a surprising statistic, given the former hegemony of the Lumia 920, which has quickly ceded its throne to the comparatively inexpensive Lumia 520. The following weekly chart details the ascendancy of the low-priced handset:


The implication of the above chart is simple: Nokia is enjoying broad adoption of its low-end devices, and Microsoft’s strategy of targeting less developed markets is working. As Apple and Google battle for the upper tiers of the market – a scrap in which Windows Phone has a dog – Microsoft’s targeting of lower-income markets appears to be paying off.

Contrastingly, Nokia has a Lumia 1020 device on the way that contains a camera large enough that it must have been sourced from a fallen satellite.

Other statistics of note, according to the latest AdDuplex figures: Nokia controls 85% of the Windows Phone market. HTC is in second place with 11.5%. No other OEM matters. Also, Windows Phone 8 now controls 61% of the global Windows Phone install base. The more quickly the Windows Phone 8 tally rises against the Windows Phone 7 figure, the better for Microsoft; Windows Phone 7.X handsets cannot upgrade to Windows Phone 8.

Can Microsoft cement its status as the ‘third’ mobile phone operating system by targeting less affluent users? Perhaps.

Top Image Credit: N i c o l a

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