Motorola launches sign up page to alert consumers when new Moto X smartphone details are available

Motorola launches sign up page to alert consumers when new Moto X smartphone details are available

Motorola continues to tease its mysterious and highly anticipated Moto X smartphone with a new sign-up page today, which will deliver new information to interested consumers via email as and when it’s available.

The Google subsidiary has given away almost nothing about the device, but this new webpage continues the general branding and message revealed in a full-page newspaper advert yesterday.

Motorola says the Moto X is “the first smartphone designed, engineered and assembled in the USA”, but confirms that it’s also a device that consumers can tweak themselves. “Because today you should have the freedom to design the things in your life to be as unique as you are,” the sign-up page description reads.

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Motorola Mobility quietly updated its logo last week, picking up a new, lower case typeface that is more in-keeping with Google’s own branding and design aesthetic.

The Moto X smartphone remains a mystery, however. Consumers have been able to pick the color and internal storage that comes with their handset for sometime now, so it’s unclear what the mobile manufacturer is promising. Some have speculated that users will be able to hand pick individual parts rather like a traditional desktop PC, or perhaps the carrier, selection of apps and other software features.

The time frame or pathway for when Motorola will distribute more details is also still unclear. Given that Google has just started stocking the Google Edition HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 in the United States, it would make sense for Motorola to hold off until at least the end of the summer. It’s worth noting, however, that the company also said that Moto X was “coming soon” in its print newspaper ad, suggesting it won’t be long before all is revealed.

As Motorola teases on its new sign-up page, “this is just the beginning”.

Image Credit: REMY GABALDA/AFP/Getty Images

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