AT&T plans the first ever push-to-talk iPhone app for the US market

AT&T plans the first ever push-to-talk iPhone app for the US market

US telecommunications behemoth AT&T is set to launch a new push-to-talk (PTT) app for the iPhone, making its existing enhanced PTT service available to millions more corporate customers across the US.

As things stand, AT&T currently offers an Android app for PTT, but this only works across a handful of compatible devices. However, with Sprint on course to close down its own Nextel network at the end of June, a service that offers a similar (and popular) push-to-talk feature, AT&T sees this as a good opportunity to capitalize by introducing an app for iPhone users too.

It’s worth noting here that Sprint will be doing its utmost to switch existing Nextel users to PTT-capable phones on the Sprint network, though no word yet on whether it will be going down the iPhone-route too.

The app works similar to that of a walkie-talkie, letting business users communicate with one another simply by hitting a button, rather than dialing and waiting for others to pick-up. It’s particularly useful on large sites where there’s a need for big groups of people to stay in constant contact with one another.

It’s not yet clear when this app will actually be made available, though it will be among the first push-to-talk applications made available for iPhone users in the US.

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