The Lumia 920 is now the most used Windows Phone handset, even as WP8 lags WP7 in total usership

The Lumia 920 is now the most used Windows Phone handset, even as WP8 lags WP7 in total usership

New data from the AdDuplex Windows Phone ad network today affords us insight into the importance of the Windows Phone 8 update for Microsoft’s mobile platform, and the prominence of Nokia’s stature among the various OEMs that are working along with the Redmond-based software firm.

In short, Nokia’s Lumia 920 handset has at last passed its predecessor, the Lumia 800, in terms of market share. Across the 494 applications that employ AdDuplex’s technology, it controls 14 percent of the market. The Lumia 800 is a hair behind.

As the network notes, this is “a huge achievement since [the Lumia 920] was only at number 4 a month ago.” So, a Windows Phone 8 device has taken the top crown on the platforms hardware landscape in a half year or so.

How is Windows Phone 8 faring compared to Windows Phone 7? The current narrative is that Windows Phone 8 devices are selling at a faster clip than their ancestors. Does the data bear that out? It appears so. Here’s the current breakdown of Windows Phone 8 and 7 market share:


Thus, in 161 days, WP8 has managed to accrue 43 percent of total Windows Phone market share. In short, by Christmas and the next build of Windows Phone, it will be far above the WP7 install base. As Windows Phone 7 lasted for several years in its various iterations, WP8’s move to snag such a piece of the pie in a short time frame does appear to indicate that it is selling as well as we expect.

This data, as we have pointed out each time we employ it, is from a smaller sample size than we would prefer. That said, AdDuplex’s constant checking of the figures has provided a worthy, if dim, look into the depths of Windows Phone.

For now, Nokia and HTC combined control 94 percent of the Windows Phone market. Oligopoly!

Top Image Credit: Vernon Chan

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