Sony releases experimental Firefox OS ROM for Xperia E

Sony releases experimental Firefox OS ROM for Xperia E

Sony surprised many by saying it would back Mozilla’s HTML5-powered Firefox OS, but just two days later, the company is already giving device owners the opportunity play with the software after it released an experimental Firefox OS ROM for the Xperia E.

The company says it is ready to share its “initial experiments on Firefox OS with the tech community,”  using it as an opportunity to get feedback and allow developers and early adopters to get on board and start testing and creating apps and services for the platform.

For now, the only device that will support the Firefox OS ROM is the Xperia E. However, it appears Sony is willing to expand it to other Xperia smartphones over time. To flash the ROM, you’ll need to have an unlocked Xperia E. If that requirement has been fulfilled, then you can utilise Sony’s flash tool to transfer Firefox OS onto your device.

Sony is committed (with the help of Telefonica) to releasing a Firefox OS handset in 2014, joining ZTE, Alcatel, Huawei and LG.

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