Nokia dings the iPhone 5 using an old Zune selling point: color

Nokia dings the iPhone 5 using an old Zune selling point: color

Out yesterday, but not widely picked up, is an advertisement – likely web only – from Nokia that dings Apple for producing phones of but two colors.

The short clip, it clocks in at less than a minute, contains a narrative in which dreary iPhone buyers become shocked that anyone would request a smartphone of a color that is not black or white.

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You can’t write this sort of post without mentioning Mr. Ford. There, I’ve done so.

In an odd way, it smacks of the first generation of Zune devices, which had among them color choices that did set them apart in a sense from Apple’s then dominant line of MP3 players; smartphones now rule that roost. RIP brown Zune, in other words.

Check the ad, and enjoy its oddity:

I always wonder who watches this sort of clip and smacks their forehead, deciding that its argument is sufficiently strong to sway their phone purchase decision. Who are we kidding, this is just fanboy meat.

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