mBlox launches new program to help developers send targeted push notifications

mBlox launches new program to help developers send targeted push notifications

Mobile services heavyweight mBlox is launching a new Developer Program, the company announced today. Available at developer.mblox.com, it will help developers build mobile engagement APIs into their apps.

As you may know, mBlox boasts relationships with 800 mobile carriers around the world, and sends 5 billion SMS messages every year to let companies engage with mobile users (see our interview with mBlox’s former CEO, mobile industry veteran Andrew Bud).

As for its Developer Program, it focuses on two key services: Push Notifications and Geo-Fencing, which developers will be able to manage through a web-based dashboard.

According to mBlox’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Puneet Goel, this will solve the low engagement problem many apps are suffering from:

“Most apps don’t get used much after the initial install, and in order to generate recurring revenue from apps, developers need to focus on active users, and re-engaging them in the application experience. Push notifications are a great way to do this, but the native push services provided by mobile OS platforms don’t include any targeting capabilities and don’t transmit rich content.

Developers can now use our APIs to send targeted, relevant messages, including images and HTML, to application users on Android and iOS to keep them active for months. All kinds of applications will benefit from the services including social, shopping, finance, health, news, productivity and gaming.”

While users will have to pay per message if they want to use this service in the long term, mBlox is offering free trial credits for iOS and Android app developers.

Earlier this week, the company announced the launch of Smart Groups, a new feature that lets clients reach the audience they are looking for, thanks to automatic contextual targeting for mobile apps.

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