Nokia 808 PureView updated with new imaging features, apps and more

Nokia 808 PureView updated with new imaging features, apps and more

Looking to make it’s impressive 808 PureView smartphone even better, Nokia today pushed live a software update for the Symbian-powered smartphone, including a number of imaging and software improvements to get more from the device.

As part of the update, Nokia has added a new gallery grid to the camera interface when in landscape mode, added swiping, zoom, sharing and editing function to its Gallery homescreen widget and a new reset button in the device’s Creative mode which reverts all settings back to their defaults when in different shooting modes.

The 808 PureView will now also display more image information, including image resolutions, ISO values, white balance settings, file sizes and its location data. With location data attached, the 808 PureView will also take you to the spot that the image was taken on Nokia Maps.

While the bulk of the updates are image-centric, Nokia has updated its Symbian browser to feature enhanced HTML5 support, a new faster keyboard, Nokia Car Mode (to provide easier controls when driving) and the Video Pro app for on-the-go editing.

The update is hitting devices worldwide from today, but may see minor delays depending on where you live and if you need to wait on a specific update from your carrier. The Nokia 603, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701 will also see the non-imaging updates, which need to be loaded using the Nokia Suite app.

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