Moo looks to NFC to digitalise business cards, announces open beta for 150,000 customers

Moo looks to NFC to digitalise business cards, announces open beta for 150,000 customers

Looking to further the uses of its business cards, UK-based startup has said it is going to trial NFC technology in cards it produces, opening a beta test to 150,000 customers before a wider roll out in early 2013.

Moo intends to create what it calls a “Third Side” to its business cards, allowing companies to use their smartphones and load contact information and push their brand digitally, instead of making their contact copy over the details manually.

But that isn’t it. Moo sees its customers using the technology to show off different pieces of information. Retailers could link their cards to a new promotion, deliver maps to customers or show-off product catalogs without needing to print additional marketing material.

The move comes shortly after the company announced it had purchased personal identity service, connecting physical business cards that it has become known for and expanding into digital presences, which excels at.

Richard Moross, CEO and Founder of Moo explains the company’s plans:

“For the past six years MOO has been dedicated to helping businesses, both big and small, create an offline identity and curate a brand that is as unique as its people. With the roll-out of our NFC cards, and our recent acquisition of, a design-led personal identity site, we are showing our commitment to expanding online personal and professional identity creation.”

To start with, Moo has opened its beta test to all customers. From today, you will be able to place a business card order and receive a MOO Business Card with NFC at no extra cost. The NFC chip will be set to link to your contact information.

Moo will use the beta test to tune its offering before it rolls it out to all customers early next year.

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