Screenshot leaks of ‘Ringtone Maker’ coming to Lumia handsets in Windows Phone 7.8

Screenshot leaks of ‘Ringtone Maker’ coming to Lumia handsets in Windows Phone 7.8

Own a Nokia Windows Phone handset? Disappointed that you won’t be able to make the hop to Windows Phone 8 when that software hits the market? Want some goodies to make you smile? We got you.

Below is an image of the coming ‘Ringtone Maker’ that will land in Windows Phone 7.8, provided that you own a Nokia Lumia device. Right, enjoy:

Why does this specific app matter? It has a special component that no other app can have, says WMPowerUser:

There are many other ring tone making apps on Windows Phone, but none can use your own music for the task, something that is only possible due to Nokia’s OEM status.

The special relationship strikes back.

Naturally, Nokia will still have disgruntled users, along with every other early Windows Phone OEM as their first adopters won’t be able to move from Windows Phone 7.5 to 8. Windows Phone 7.8, as you surely recall, is the stopgap measure that will provide some Windows Phone 8-esque features to older handsets.

All Windows Phone handsets sold yet will not run the next generation of its software. But, hey, some folks will get the neat ringtone app. Let’s hope that’s enough to quell most of the pitchforks.

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