Samsung and Nokia go after the iPhone 5, don’t realize they are using the same slogan

Samsung and Nokia go after the iPhone 5, don’t realize they are using the same slogan

A Samsung advertisement and a Nokia tweet, both knocking the iPhone 5 and touting the respective products of their own design and construction, share a message: It doesn’t take a genius.

The implication of the phrase is that one does not need to possess great intellect to understand that rival smartphones outclass the newly announced iPhone 5, Apple’s latest installment in its storied line of handsets. Obviously, Apple fans will disagree, whilst Android and Windows Phone fans will revel in the pugnacity of their favored mobile giant.

Now to the fun part, the images. Samsung, you first:

‘Oh snap,’ as they say. Next up, Nokia. Tweet at us, bro:

Now, technically, the Nokia phrase is ever so slightly different, as it has a “No,” in front of the phrase, but the meat is the same. You almost wonder if the same ad guru sold the line to both firms. I’m kidding, of course.

Interestingly, this sort of flub isn’t that uncommon. The current Presidential election cycle here in the States has seen a bit of a flap as one of the candidates unwittingly employed a slogan exceptionally close to one used by the KKK, a notorious racist group. It was just the sort of thing that leads to wasted media cycles and partisan snickering.

Back to Nokia and Samsung, the only question left is this: which company wore it better?

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