Nokia hints at a September 7th surprise

Nokia hints at a September 7th surprise

Nokia World will take place this year on September 5th and 6th. Whatever the company announces during those two days will likely set the tone for its holiday sales cycle, and next-generation product line. News out today is of a closed Nokia store in Helsinki that is decked out in the following way, via MyNokiaBlog:

According to WMPowerUser, the QR code leads to, which is down for the moment.

The text is simple: Get ready for the next thing that we are bringing to you. Also, if you look to the left of the window, you’ll note that the construction fence (if that is what the wood panels in fact are) is similarly scribbled – whatever is coming, Nokia wants people to notice its impending arrival.

What might the company be set to debut? New handsets are an obvious answer. The Lumia line of smartphones needs to be updated to support the new Windows Phone 8 hardware requirements. It could be that the company intends to let enthusiasts and fans give a new device the ol’ hands on.

Alternatively, it could be something local and minor. Our ears are open.

Top Image Credit: mac morrison

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