Nokia 808 PureView to get US pre-sale launch on Amazon this week: $699, unlocked and AT&T-ready

Nokia 808 PureView to get US pre-sale launch on Amazon this week: $699, unlocked and AT&T-ready

Nokia has revealed that it will open US pre-sales of the 808 PureView, its 41 megapixel smartphone, in the US through Amazon this week, as it begins preparing to sell the landmark device in North America.

The exact launch date for the device is not confirmed, but Nokia has revealed that the 808 PureView will be sold unlocked through the online retail giant for $699. The phone will fully support the AT&T network but T-Mobile USA customers wanting it will be limited to using its 2G service. That could make uploading its seriously high-res photos…interesting.

The device was first launched in India and Russia, where its price tag and niche focus are unlikely to see huge volumes of sales. A move to the US makes considerably more sense. Though the device is a marque product rather than a genuine mainstream contender, it will be interesting to see the reception (and sales) it gets.

Nokia dropped a number of hints over the weekend that the 808 PureView was US-bound, and we speculated that the phone would get a US launch this week.

While an exact launch date hasn’t been revealed, fans can sign up here to be notified when it is ready for pre-sale on Amazon, which Nokia says should happen this week.

The phone stunned audiences when it was announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, a smartphone with a 41-megapixel sensor is unheard of and it made plenty of waves.

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