Everything Everywhere and Nokia Siemens team up to push smart vending machines across Europe

Everything Everywhere and Nokia Siemens team up to push smart vending machines across Europe

Extending its network capabilities to more than just mobile devices, Everything Everywhere (the UK’s largest operator) and Nokia Siemens have teamed up to incorporate their mobile technologies into smart vending machines.

That’s right, vending machines.

Both companies are looking to offer vending machine owners a mobile-connected platform that can assist with remote stock monitoring, targeted advertising, customer initiatives and will help customers pay using a variety of different payment methods.

Nokia Siemens Networks existing ‘VendMe’ application will power the machines, with Everything Everywhere supplying the connectivity with embedded SIM cards, leveraging networks from both T-Mobile and Orange, France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom across Europe.

Everything Everywhere will also be able to leverage Orange’s Quick Tap NFC platform for mobile payments using NFC-enabled smartphones, although traditional SMS and Chip and Pin are still offered.

With an over-the-air update ability, businesses and brands will be able to work together to update the marketing of the vending machines, leaning on mobile and display technologies to interact with the consumer and have them engage with vending machines.

Vending machines are typically associated with snack products and soft drinks but businesses have started to sell mobile phones, clothing and other gadgets as people look to buy things on the go.

Nokia Siemens and Everything Everywhere will pilot their new smart vending machine in the summer and if successful will begin rolling out commercially later this year.

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