FixYa announces 24 million monthly users as it rolls out its HTML5 Q&A site for mobile users

FixYa announces 24 million monthly users as it rolls out its HTML5 Q&A site for mobile users

FixYa, the Q&A site for finding repair solutions is today launching FixYa Mobile and a complete overhaul of its mobile website in HTML5.

Naturally this move opens up options for a larger mobile audience on any mobile device. There’s an added bonus for Android users too; they will now be able to ask and answer questions by uploading pictures and videos direct from their phone without the need to download an app. Nice work for freeing up space on the phone and making the service accessible.

Why the special treatment for Android users? FixYa CEO, Yaniv Bensadon explains, “Although HTML5 is often termed as device agnostic, it turns out that its capabilities across Android and iOS are not the same. This is mostly due to features built into the browser. iOS is faster than Android overall in rendering HTML5 but Android browsers (at least stock and mobile Chrome) can do some things that mobile Safari cannot yet do; in-browser file upload being one of them. Over time, as the browsers are upgraded, these differences should fade.”

Mend and repair

FixYa is a repairs forum where people can ask questions about everyday problems with their car, computer, appliances and electronics and get answers from experts. The aim is to find free solutions to get things fixed without having to pay to ship products for repair. This is pretty handy if your item in question is also out of guarantee.

To get the best out of the content, the responses are rated and site users can see top queries and responses with the help of the Fix-O-Meter. It might be worth the owners of products checking that feature as a high rating on the meter could mean an issue that requires a bit more attention.

More than 10 million answer and ask flows comprising FixYa’s product database are now streamlined for mobile along with access for the company’s 650,000 experts to get to points, badges, and levels found on their full-sized dashboards.

Over the past six months, FixYa’s mobile traffic has doubled as an increasing number of the site’s 24 million monthly users turn to mobile devices to browse the web.

17% of FixYa’s users access the site via a mobile device, so getting up to speed with HTML5 and opening up the service for this audience is a smart move.

“FixYa’s value comes from being able to offer access to quick, expert product help whenever you need it,” said Bensadon. “With more users turning to their mobile devices for solutions to their everyday product problems, we felt it necessary to optimize the smartphone experience so it is more in line with the speed, accuracy, and convenience our 24 million users have come to expect.”

Having a mobile repair guide in your pocket might not immediately occur to you as a requirement while at home, but if you’re out and about and your car breaks down, or something needs a quick solution on the move, it’s a pretty handy idea to have this in your pocket. Not only might it have a way to fix things, it can also help to avoid having to replace items at further cost.


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