Amazing Alex: Rovio CEO confirms name of Angry Birds successor

Amazing Alex: Rovio CEO confirms name of Angry Birds successor

The successor to Rovio’s immensely popular Angry Birds franchise will be called ‘Amazing Alex’ and will be based on the iOS game Casey’s Contraptions, launching in the next two months.

Rovio CEO Mikael Hed told presenters on Finnish TV channel Yle that the game will feature educational elements and revolve around the main character Alex, ‘a curious young boy who loves to build things’.

The company has already registered, as shown in its WHOIS record below:

Hed said that the “quality pressure is high” and that the company wants “to maintain the high standard Angry Birds fans have come to enjoy,” referring to the huge success of the catapult-based franchise and its 1 billion+ cumulative downloads.

Yesterday, we reported that Rovio had confirmed the acquisition of IP rights to Casey’s Contraptions from developers Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut.

Rovio’s VP of franchise development Ville Heijari said that the “gameplay is a perfect fit in our arsenal with its approachable, fun and highly addictive take on the physics puzzler genre, ” adding “We are currently reworking the title to enhance it, and getting ready to re-introduce it in a true ‘expect the unexpected’ Rovio style launch to an even larger audience.”

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