SingTel-owned Amobee moves into a new dimension, snaps up innovative 3D ad maker AdJitsu

SingTel-owned Amobee moves into a new dimension, snaps up innovative 3D ad maker AdJitsu

Mobile advertising firm Amobee, which was recently snapped by SingTel for $321 million, has made an acquisition of its own, after it revealed that it has bought innovative 3D ad maker AdJitsu for an undisclosed sum.

A standalone business unit of app specialist Cooliris, AdJitsu creates 3D adverts for smartphones and tablets and counts Samsung, BMW and Nokia among its customers (more on that below).

The coming together of the two makes a lot of sense. Amobee has a wide reach across the mobile advertising world — coupled with new strength following the SingTel deal — while AdJitsu offers advertisers a different and unique way to connect with their target audiences.

Initially announced in February 2011, AdJitsu ads build an “immersive” 3D experience which makes them interactive and playful, two facts that encourage a higher click-through rate and greater interest and interaction.

“Instead of a passive experience, mobile users now interact and play with the ad, which is key to starting a love affair between the consumer and the brand,” said Trevor Healy, Amobee CEO. “With AdJitsu’s  advanced 3D technology, Amobee’s mobile ad campaigns feel like mini apps that mobile users look forward to receiving.”

This video of a Nokia Lumia 800 ad shows how innovative the 3D productions can be:

Soujanya Bhumkar, co-founder and CEO of Cooliris, is excited by the move and says that the company is not standing still and is keen to push the cool ads out to more mobile users worldwide.

“We are thrilled about this acquisition because it impacts the future of mobile display advertising and benefits consumers, publishers and brands worldwide,” he said.

“We [will] now double down on bringing killer new consumer apps to the market. The New Liveshare is seeing great traction in the market [and], with the New Cooliris coming to the market soon, we get to bring our famous 3D Wall to the world on mobile devices”.

Bhumkar revealed that the latest AdJitsu campaign, launched for car marker Infiniti just days ago, is already breaking its existing records, and the move to Amobee looks certain to build on that potential.

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