Here’s what TNW won’t be covering at CTIA 2012

Here’s what TNW won’t be covering at CTIA 2012

Every time we go to a big technology event, the same thing happens. Blogs all around the world tell you the same story over and again, with only minor details changed. A new phone here, a funky gadget there, it’s the same news. TNW aims to be different, and in line with how we’ve covered events in the past, you won’t get the rehash from us.

So here’s a quick list of what we absolutely won’t be covering at CTIA 2012, and perhaps even a sneak peek at the things that we will:

Every Android handset – Let’s face it folks, nobody’s breaking ground at CTIA with Android phones. If they happen to do something interesting, there will be a million and one places around the Internet that you can go read about it.

Bluetooth freaking speakers – When TNW’s Matthew Panzarino and I were in Las Vegas for CES, we were blown away by the amount of little pop-up speakers that we saw, nearly all of them using Bluetooth. While Bluetooth is huge, and has massive potential, another pair of craptastic $5 speakers isn’t it.

Blingy phone cases – They’re everywhere at shows like CTIA and CES. In fact, we did a roundup of the dumbest accessories at CES because there were just too many to ignore. But this time around, I promise you, no bling.

Gripe sessions about booth babes – Yep, there will be booth babes. No, we don’t agree with using them. No, we won’t post a thousand-word rant about it.

Tablet roundups – Here’s another thing that I assure you we’ll see plenty of – tablets. Any company that can get its hands onto processors is going to be making tablets in hopes to get a crumb of the pie. In case you’ve not noticed, they all tend to suck. A lot. We aren’t going to write about them.

So those are 5 (of the) things that we’re not going to write about. What will we be doing here then? Fortunately conferences are full of folks with really cool ideas and big aspirations. We’re going to track them down.

Tonight, I’m starting by hitting up the media-exclusive ShowStoppers, and we’ll bring you a walkthrough of what’s going down with the hottest brands in mobile. After that, it’s time for a bit of sleep and then we’re back at it early tomorrow for a talk with the folks of ARIN and how mobile is impacting the shift to IPv6.

We’re also lined up to talk to some folks about the new things going down in haptic technology, where you’ll be able to feel more from your phone’s touchscreen. We’ll have a video hands-on, but it’s still our hands so you’ll have to take our word for it. We’ll round out the day tomorrow with Pepcom’s Mobile Experience showcase, where we’ll get hands on with even more cool tech that we’ll be telling you about.

So there’s plenty of news to go around, but it won’t be all about every new handset on the market. Facing facts, there are only a few that matter anyway, and we cover those in depth here on TNW Mobile. Want to make sure to catch everything we’re doing at CTIA Wireless 2012? Just bookmark this link.

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