RIM teases revamped BBM service, includes updated Twitter, Facebook, Travel, Music and App World apps

RIM teases revamped BBM service, includes updated Twitter, Facebook, Travel, Music and App World apps ...

Whilst RIM is flagging in domestic and western markets, one of its jewels remains its BlackBerry Messenger service, which has slowly and surely growing to include an increasing number of social and connected BlackBerry apps.

Today, the company has announced that Facebook for BlackBerry, Twitter for BlackBerry, BlackBerry Travel, its BlackBerry App World and BBM Music have been overhauled to include BBM connectivity, allowing users to share information and experiences with their BlackBerry friends and discover new content and apps on the platform.

RIM says that since it opened up access to its BBM service, developers have already created over 800 BBM-connected apps, ensuring that nearly one of every five apps download via the BlackBerry App World now have BBM connectivity.

Both Facebook and Twitter for BlackBerry have reached version 3.0, allowing users to share statuses and tweets from with the app. BlackBerry Travel can be used to share travel plans and flight changes with their contacts.

With BBM version 6.2 and  the new BlackBerry App World, users can share the apps they have just downloaded, even sharing their list of apps using RIM’s BlackBerry Tag service. The same can be said of BBM Music, which now allows users to sample others’ songs before accepting new contacts on BBM Music.

RIM details the new BBM app update:

In addition to integration with BlackBerry App World, BBM (version 6.2) offers a polished, enhanced and more personal experience. It includes a new selection of animated avatars, a simpler way of updating one’s personal message in their profile, and now allows users to quickly send voice notes.

Twitter has already announced its BBM-connectivity and its app can be downloaded via the BlackBerry App World right now. However, Facebook for BlackBerry, BlackBerry Travel, BlackBerry App World, BBM Music and the revamped BBM app will be available within the next ten days.

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