Nokia installs massive Lumia 800s in Australia for public grasping

Nokia installs massive Lumia 800s in Australia for public grasping

At this point, we’re just watching to see what Nokia does next. The Finnish smartphone giant, dedicated to pushing its fresh Lumia line of Windows Phone handsets, is turning to an endless stream of low-cost ‘guerilla’ tactics to get the word out the world around.

We enjoy such antics as they tend to be more consumer focused than a polished, overly developed television spot. And we’re nerds, so things such as what I am about to show you are right up our alley. I present to you, a Big Ass Phone (please recall Microsoft’s Big Ass Table):

Of course, the installation includes Nokia’s tagline, ‘The Amazing Everyday,’ but the kicker here is that the company wants you to get all up in Windows Phone’s business. This sort of advertising actually supports both Windows Phone, and Nokia’s handsets specifically. I guess we know where some of that Microsoft cash is going.

Will this send Nokia to the top of the charts in Australia? No. But it might warrant a spot on the local news, and is certainly an eye grabbing idea. The public loves this sort of hands-on experience. I just want to know what tech is behind this touchscreen, and how responsive it is to the finger. If you live in Sydney, and get some time with the device, let us know.

One brick at a time, Microsoft and its partners are building a Windows Phone foundation. For all our Windows Phone coverage, head here.

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