Nokia’s fantastically cute Valentine tickles our cockles

Nokia’s fantastically cute Valentine tickles our cockles

This post is just for fun. If you have your serious hat on, you have come to the wrong place. 

The ever connected Paul Thurrott has posted two images to Twitter, dubbing the short collection as “Nokia sends Valentine to AT&T.” Since he was kind enough to make the images public, we felt that we must share them.

They are written from the perspective of Nokia as wooing AT&T. The Lumia 900, Nokia’s next halo device, is headed to the network, and so the timing of this is not accidental; Nokia is very excited to have its handset on the provider. They even sent a cookie. Take a peek:

I’m not much of a person for sweets, so my judgement might be off here, but I really don’t think that a Lumia 900 snack would taste very good. Correct me in the comments if you disagree.

We’re going to leave this here, as it’s a short interlude from heavier topics. You can find all our Windows Phone coverage here.

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