Samsung redesigns its way out of one Galaxy Tab ban in Germany

Samsung redesigns its way out of one Galaxy Tab ban in Germany

Samsung has emerged victorious for the second time against Apple in Germany, after the Dusseldorf Regional Court rejected Apple’s request for a sales injunction on the Korean tablet maker’s modified Galaxy Tab 10.1N model.

Bloomberg reports that the rejection centred on Apple’s use of a European design right, which it lost in a similar but separate patent case in a Munich court.

On January 31, Samsung failed to overturn a ban on the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in Germany, meaning the company was still only able to sell the updated version of the device it had designed to circumvent Apple’s patents. Apple sought to block sales of the modified tablet and its request was denied in Dusseldorf today.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1N, has a new bezel design that wraps around to the front of the device more aggressively.

The court said in a statement:

“The Galaxy Tab 10.1N now sufficiently differs from the form Apple has registered as a design right.

You can no longer talk of a quasi-identical copy.”

Samsung and Apple are locked in legal battles all over the world, with the Cupertino-based company believing Samsung “slavishly copied” the designs of its iPhone and iPad products.

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