Fan-made Nokia tablet mockup has our imaginations running wild

Fan-made Nokia tablet mockup has our imaginations running wild

We love a third-party mockup at TNW as much as anyone, but when someone does the leg work to doodle something that we have thinking about in the backs of our minds, it’s all the better. Today we have something to share with you that should excite.

It is well-known that Windows 8 is designed in part to run on tablet hardware. Also, Nokia, creators of the rather beautiful Lumia line of smartphones, has been tipped as set to build Windows 8 tablets when the time comes. Taking the idea of Windows 8, and Nokia’s hardware, and putting them together is a mental exercise worth enjoying.

Happily, that’s exactly what our mockup from MyNokiaBlog envisions. We’ll cut the chase and get to the pictures:

To quote Reddit, if these existed, it would be a ‘Shut Up And Take My Money’ moment. The creator of the mockup envisioned the device as having the following specifications [TNW notes in brackets]:

  • A 1.4GHz cpu
  • 512Mb ram [This could be changed to 1 Gb, we think]
  • 16/32/64Gb storage [Tiered pricing is an interesting idea]
  • 9.7″ AMOLED “clearblack” display (1280×800)
  • 8Mp Rear camera, 2Mp front facing camera
  • Windows 8 tablet edition [We assume that he means Windows 8 Home, or whatever it ends up being called]
  • Wifi/3G connectivity [Windows 8 tablets may be carrier subsidized, which is a very interesting proposition]

The success of Windows 8 in tablet form is very much a dynamic equation. Even if Windows 8 is a very polished piece of software, bad mobile hardware could snuff its chances of moving any significant number of tablets. In short, Windows 8 needs devices like the above unit, but probably with a dual core processor, to be built.

It’s fun to see what enthusiasts come up with, but this is merely a foretaste. We can’t wait to see what Nokia cooks up itself.

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