The 12 megapixel Lumia 910 rumor was utter bilge

The 12 megapixel Lumia 910 rumor was utter bilge

You can put this one to rest, Nokia has called the play: there is no secret Lumia 910 handset on the way with a 12 megapixel camera. Really, they’ve said so. In the face of the HTC Titan II, the idea, surfacing via a Dutch website, of a higher resolution Lumia seemed to be reasonable; the Titan II sports a very powerful camera, making it a standout device in that way.

Nokia has shot down the rumor, however, rendering it moot, and causing a thousand fanboy hearts to break.

The Lumia line of smartphones, Nokia’s second wind and hope for the future, have been generally well received by the market. However, while the phones are noted for their feel and polish, they are not impressive on a spec-by-spec basis. This is to say that Android handsets boast superior components. It has been confirmed that Windows Phone 8, the next full edition of Windows Phone, will support multi-core processors, and other hot pieces, but that update is not due for some time. The Lumia handsets, of course, run Windows Phone.

Microsoft’s strategy in this has been somewhat plain, as we have previously reported: “Windows Phone will not fight the Android ecosystem of handsets on a specification by specification basis. Instead, [Microsoft] mentioned a general call to ‘quality’ as the goal of Windows Phone, noting social connections as one basis for the idea.” Therefore, the idea that the Lumia 910 isn’t real, and that Nokia isn’t entering into a megapixel war, makes sense.

Oh, and if you missed it, the Lumia 800 is coming out in white. You should take a look.

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