Use this super slick tool to compare the real-life sizes of smartphones

Use this super slick tool to compare the real-life sizes of smartphones

There is a huge difference in physical size between a phone like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which has a 4.65″ screen and the iPhone 4S, whose screen clocks in at 3.5″. That delta can be hard to judge without actually having the phone in your hands though, and that is not always an option.

That’s why I love tools like this super slick Phone Size tool that compares the hottest smartphones against one another in as close to “meatspace” size as possible. You just plug in a few phones that you would like to compare, set the size and ratio of your screen and you’re off.

The tool allows you to add as many phones as your screen will allow and will warn you once it outgrows the borders of the image. I gave it a try with the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy Nexus, as these are the phones I have on me at the moment and it seemed to do a pretty good job of approximating the size accurately.

The image on screen seemed ever so slightly larger than our devices, if there was any inconsistency, but it wasn’t enough to get riled up about. You can add and delete devices to get just the combination you need to make a sizing decision.

The phones are accompanied by a shortlist of specs, but the tool is really about getting an idea how a new phone that you’re contemplating compares to the device you’re using now. It supports a fairly expansive list of modern devices, so if you’re interested in ginning up an apple’s to Androids comparison of sizes, give it a whirl.

H/t to Matt Gemmell via Seth Clifford

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