Samsung announces LTE ‘Galaxy Note’ for AT&T

Samsung announces LTE ‘Galaxy Note’ for AT&T

Samsung has officially announced that its “Galaxy Note” product is coming to AT&T.

The screen is 5.3 inches and sports a stylus called the “S-Pen”, which has 250 levels of pressure sensitivity. The product is aimed at the enterprise set, sporting full integration with calendars and mail, as well as security that companies look for in BlackBerry devices.

The company says the S-Pen not “just a stylus”, but we’re going to have to get our hands on it to make that decision for ourselves.

The devices appears to be a hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet, one that you would carry around and take notes on. The stylus has gone away ever since the introduction of the iPad, but the Galaxy Note has brought it back. With availability already in Europe, this announcement brings the device to the US market.

Samsung has become quite the darling at CES this year, coming off of a huge 2011 in mobile.

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