New potential pics of the mythical Nokia Lumia 900 have surfaced

New potential pics of the mythical Nokia Lumia 900 have surfaced

The Nokia Lumia 900 crops up so frequently that we honestly hope that it is real. If not, we’ll have spent an awfully large amount of time chasing pixie dust in phone form.

Today we have an image that shows a phone that is remarkably similar to a Nokia Lumia 800, but according to Windows Phone fans has a few key differences that make it quite suspect. And if it’s not a Lumia 800, or a Lumia 710, could it not therefore, perhaps be the mysterious Lumia 900? It’s a possibility.

For some short background, the Lumia 900 is rumored to be an even higher-end phone, providing Nokia with a third Windows Phone handset to beef up its line in Europe, and perhaps enter the US market with more of a bang. The company is holding an event at CES, which is just around the corner, and will soon show its hand. If the Lumia 900 is one of the cards that it currently holds remains pure speculation.

This is the image in question:

Poor image quality aside, this is how WMPowerUser views the shot: “there is a clear circular structure which looks like a front facing camera […] the capacitive keys appear smaller and spread further apart, suggesting a bigger device.  Lastly the camera button sits much higher on the device.” That is either the list of a stalker, or a real fan. I can’t decide.

The other conclusion that one might draw is that Nokia has rejiggered the device in the face of its US launch, assuming that it will have one, and what we see here are merely the tweaks. Or perhaps this really is a new phone. You can decide for yourself. For now, we just have to wait for CES.

Your move, Nokia.

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