Nokia advances its free Windows Phone plan for developers

Nokia advances its free Windows Phone plan for developers

Some time back Nokia promised to hand out units of its Lumia 800 to certain developers, in hopes of not only spurring activity around the larger Windows Phone platform, but also to put its newest hardware into the market.

The next step of that program has been reached and Nokia is speaking with the developers that it selected about receiving their free hardware. We expect that this will be akin to an early Christmas for those chosen.

The offer was available to those developers registered as a part of Nokia’s ‘LaunchPad’ group. It was first announced in February, although at that time the name and type of the future smartphone that would be given away was not known.

This is what the emails look like, courtesy of NeoWin:

The Lumia 800 is the current flagship Nokia device, and there are early reports of it both selling well, and poorly, in its home European market. Of course, until hard numbers are released, it will be difficult to put a nail in the situation either way. Nokia is currently preparing a push in the United States, which will kick off at 2012’s CES event. There have been rumors of an even higher-end Nokia handset, the Lumia 900, but TNW has not managed to formally confirm the existence of that device.

Nokia news is about to be shaken from the tree, but for the next few weeks we expect it to slow to a trickle. Sorry Nokia fans, you are in for a bit of a wait.

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