The Nokia Lumia 800 on track to support DLNA via downloadable app

The Nokia Lumia 800 on track to support DLNA via downloadable app

This is the sort of rumor that has enough corroborating evidence supporting it that we are all but comfortable in calling it a done deal, but for now must remain just a touch skeptical. That aside, the Nokia Lumia 800 will, in all likelyhood, support the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) in the future via a downloadable application. That app will be present in the normal Windows Phone Marketplace.

Files have been found inside the Lumia 800 that directly support this:

Even more, a support email sent by Nokia to an Italian customer makes the case all but certain:

Dear Mr. xxxxx,

Thank you for contacting Nokia Care. In relation to your request, we inform you that the Nokia 800 Lumia DLNA support through an application which can be downloaded directly from the Market Place.

In this regard, in order to learn more about this service, please visit the page below: We take this opportunity to extend our warmest greetings and remember that we are at your disposal for any clarification and future.

Nokia Care

Files? They exist. Sideways confirmation via support? We have it. All we need now is the official nod from Nokia itself and we are off to the races. I do find it interesting that Nokia will be making DLNA usable via an application that the user must, it seems, download on their own. By not shipping the app with its phones, Nokia will limit its potential use. Then again, that might be what the company wants.

Users should look forward to DLNA support as it adds a new level of functionality to the handsets, allowing them to share media with other devices with which it was impossible before. TNW has a note in with Microsoft on the matter, and will update this post upon hearing back.

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