Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s TellMe go head to head, again

Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s TellMe go head to head, again

On the Apple and Microsoft feud burns. Its most recent chapter has been the clash between Apple’s Siri tool, and Microsoft’s TellMe. As we noted before, Apple’s technology is currently better, but Microsoft has some good ideas about where the future of voice recognition should go.

But the video that we linked to that showed Siri and TellMe in action, according to some, was more than biased; it was, said Windows Phone fans, downright unfair. I’ll admit that the clip wasn’t generous to Microsoft’s product. That in mind, we have a new video today that we want to show you.

This clip, dubbed ‘Siri and TellMe – a fair comparison’ shows off the two products side by side, as before, but is more comprehensive, and I would say, reasonable comparison. Apple’s technology is still better, and the video bears that out, but it does cast TellMe in a better light. Watch the video and we will circle back afterwards.

What’s fun about this minor competition is that it will certainly drive more and better voice control of our mobile devices. In other words, we as consumers are going to win big as this technological problem is solved in new and innovative ways.

Sound off in the comments: is Siri’s strength a major draw for you, or does the feature remain a mere novelty?

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