The Nokia 900 might be real, heading to the US in 2012

The Nokia 900 might be real, heading to the US in 2012

If only Nokia had named this beast the Nokia 9001, that would have made for a perfect headline.

Good news mobile hounds and Nokia fans, rumors are spinning hot and thick that the a phone called the Lumia 900 is not only real , but should be coming to the United States in the first half of 2012. Of course, we have long known that Nokia is set to begin its US push early next year, but exactly what handsets it is set to bring has remained opaque.

The company has said that will be bringing more than one phone to the United States, but which, and how many, are open questions. Everyone has their fingers crossed for the Lumia 800, of course, but past that there has been little to go on.

That makes the rumored Lumia 900 interesting. According to the excellent PocketNow, this is what the device is shaping up to be: “The suggested hardware for the Windows Phone device has it picking-up a larger screen than the 800, moving to a 4.3-inch ClearBlack AMOLED display. It would keep the 800’s 1.4GHz processor and eight-megapixel camera, while arriving with Microsoft’s forthcoming Tango update installed.”  They go on to say that none of that surprises, and we agree. But if the Lumia 900 manages to be thinner than then 800, and keep that larger screen, then we might have something coming down the pipe that is worthy of a chat and chew.

Of course, this remains on the far end of unconfirmed. After the rumors of the Lumia 601 coming, and mostly going, we aren’t going to tie ourselves to the 900. Would we love to see it? Of course. But for now, our minds are skeptical.

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