Samsung: We have ‘high hopes’ on beating smartphone sales estimates in 2011

Samsung: We have ‘high hopes’ on beating smartphone sales estimates in 2011

Korean electronics giant Samsung believes it will surpass internal sales estimates for its Android and Windows Phone handsets in 2011, ending the year with a flourish as its competition begins to downgrade their forecasts on dwindling demand, Reuters reports.

Samsung has sold more than 30 million of its Galaxy S and S II smartphones over the past year, leading the company to leapfrog Finnish mobile rival on smartphone sales for the first time since it began its push to market devices powered by Android and Windows Phone.

The announcement by an unnamed executive at a company press conference comes at a time when Samsung’s smartphone rival HTC has downgraded its sales target for the fourth quarter, citing increased competition from the Korean vendor and its Cupertino-based rival Apple:

“We are pinning high hopes…on achieving sales higher than our previous plan.”

The company recently launched its Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus handsets, stating that it hopes it can sell as many as 2 million of the smartphone-cum-tablet Note in South Korea alone.

Despite facing legal challenges from Apple over the design and marketing of its products in courts worldwide, the company continues to enjoy increased demand for its dual-core smartphones, which ship with the company’s impressive AMOLED display technology.

Samsung has made no estimates for sales of its Galaxy Nexus smartphone, the result of a joint venture with Google that was released just one week ago, becoming the first handset in the world to feature the search giant’s new Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) operating system.

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