Leaks point to the ‘Lumia 601’ as Nokia’s next Windows Phone handset

Leaks point to the ‘Lumia 601’ as Nokia’s next Windows Phone handset

While the world is still getting its mind around the Lumia 710 and 800, the current Nokia Windows Phone handsets, another is potentially on the horizon.

A video that Nokia ‘leaked’ a few days past had a new handset in it, causing a wave of speculation over just what phone it was, and if it would be released commercially. After all, if so, it could be headed for the US market, a location that Nokia isn’t planning to hit hard until next year.

Enter the Lumia 601, a phone that we now have a potential image of. We’ll show you the picture, and then get into what it might mean:

It’s an interesting image. Is it real? We aren’t sure, but it certainly appears to be plausible.

The Nokia Blog has an interesting, and important point to make on the hardware: “The camera module looks exactly like the one from the Nokia C7.” We checked the similarity, and found that while the two modules are very similar, minor differences do exist. Therefore, if the 601 is real, and this is an image of it, Nokia could be recycling hardware yet again. It also did so with the Lumia 800, it’s flagship device.

As Nokia is set to launch its Windows Phone handsets in the US at CES 2012, this is exactly the sort of phone that it could be keeping back for the new market. The above phone appears to be a more ‘downmarket’ handset, compared to the Lumia 800, so it could be sold as such.

For now, this is all we know. We have our eyes fixed on Nokia, and the moment they make a hint or intimation about the 601, we will bring it to you.


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