The Nokia Lumia 800 laid next to HTC’s Titan and Radar [Video]

The Nokia Lumia 800 laid next to HTC’s Titan and Radar [Video]

Right, now that a goodly number of new Windows Phone handsets have been announced, what do they look like side by and in direct comparison? Happily, we can show you.

The lovely WinRumors has compiled a video that unpacks (literally) Nokia’s Lumia 800, and then compares its every little dot and tittle to HTC’s latest offerings, the Titan and the Radar. You can read our rundown of the Nokia Lumia 800 here, and check up on the information concerning the Titan and Radar here.

Nokia has announced a second phone, the Lumia 710, that is not in the clip. The Lumia 710 recently made its way past the FCC here in the United States, and is rumored to be headed to T-Mobile. Nokia has officially slated its Windows Phone handsets to land on American shores in 2012.

What should you look for in the video? Keep an eye on the screen brightness on each handset, and their relative size in every dimension. It’s not hard to see which two of the three are the higher-end devices.

Now the question: Which of the handsets did you fancy the most? Be sure and drop a comment down below with your preference. You can read all of our Windows Phone coverage here.

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