Samsung’s new Galaxy Note advert: Is it a tablet or a smartphone? [Video]

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note advert: Is it a tablet or a smartphone? [Video]

Since Samsung unveiled its new dual-core 5.3-inch Galaxy Note Android device at Berlin’s IFA event, the Korean manufacturer has been quiet on its plans for the device, teasing November launch dates for the smartphone-cross-tablet.

However, in a new advert posted to its YouTube channel, Samsung has revealed its first advertising spot for the device, showcasing its HD Super AMOLED display and S Pen functionality.

Taking the viewer through an array of different pen-touch features, including the ability to select specific parts of a photo and incorporate them into a new document or image that can be shared with friends, Samsung ends the commercial with “Phone? Tablet?” suggesting that the company isn’t going to tell consumers what the device is suited as, instead letting them make their own mind up.

Following the question, Samsung says “Feel free, it’s the Galaxy Note” – further reinforcing its non-disclosure either way.

Samsung is holding a Galaxy Note event in London tomorrow, giving the media their first chance to have a look at the device since its IFA unveiling.

It is believed that the Galaxy Note will launch on or around November 1, finally making Samsung’s huge portable Android device available to consumers after a series of delays.

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