Nokia teases Nokia 800 Windows Phone on UK TV, four days before Nokia World

Nokia teases Nokia 800 Windows Phone on UK TV, four days before Nokia World

With only four days until the Finnish mobile giant opens its doors for its yearly Nokia World event, Nokia has started to tease one of its new Windows Phone devices, which many believe will be named the Nokia 800, on UK television.

Taking four individual spots between during the course of an advertising break on the UK’s X-Factor programme, Nokia provided viewers with a glimpse of its new smartphone, showcasing different angles of the handset for no more than a second each time.

The Nokia 800 has often been referred to as Sea-Ray, an internal codename for one of Nokia’s first Windows Phone handsets. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop unveiled the new smartphone in a company meeting, providing a first look at a possible launch handset following the partnership agreement between Nokia and Microsoft.

Nokia World commences on October 26, where the company will be expected to launch a varied range of Windows Phone smartphones and outline its future plans for the platform. The Next Web will be there document everything it launches.

The ad-spot has been embedded below, blink and you’ll miss it:

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