Ouch: Samsung caught using an iPhone screenshot to promote its own device

Ouch: Samsung caught using an iPhone screenshot to promote its own device

It seems that the Apple – Samsung war is far from over; it was discovered that Samsung used screenshots of the iPhone’s Maps application in the promo materials for its brand new Galaxy Player. As AppleInsider says, the screenshot Samsung uses has been lifted from a blog post by Laura Scott written in 2008 – three years ago!

Samsung recently announced that it will do everything to stop Apple from selling the iPhone and iPad in South Korea, but the request got denied. I guess there might be some bitterness there, as Apple managed to convince the Dutch court to ban three of Samsung’s smartphones due to patent infringement.

A similar thing happened to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab in Australia and let’s not forget that Samsung’s lawyer was unable to distinguish between Galaxy Tab and the iPad during the court hearing.

It looks like this is a battle where one side will eventually fall, and it will fall hard. If you take into consideration that Samsung is a major supplier of components for Apple, we might witness a break in this deal. If Apple ditches Samsung and gets nasty, it might use its patent rights all over the world to shut down sales of some of Samsung’s devices. If that happens, there will be nothing that Samsung could sell in its stores, which by the way have been accused of being heavily inspired by Apple.

Image credit: AppleInsider.com

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