RIM founder on BlackBerry issues: “We’ve let many of you down” [Video]

RIM founder on BlackBerry issues: “We’ve let many of you down” [Video]

As RIM’s BlackBerry servers and associated services begin to return to normal, company founder and co-CEO Mike Lazaridis has taken to the Canadian-based company’s YouTube channel to personally apologise for worldwide outages affecting customers, detailing exactly what happened for such a prominent service to be unavailable for so long.

Echoing a written statement on BlackBerry’s Service Update page, Lazaridis explains that RIM didn’t meet its goal of providing “reliable, real-time communications around the world” adding that the company “did not deliver on that goal this week, not even close”.

RIM’s founder provides updates on RIM services and makes specific references in to claims that his company didn’t response quickly and clearly enough via its social media channels to alert users of the issues plaguing the BlackBerry infrastructure.

The delivery of a YouTube video will only go so far to restore confidence in RIM and its BlackBerry brand but it takes a lot to get in front of the camera and admit your mistakes. If only this video had been posted a day or so earlier, it would have helped appease users in regards to knowing that the company was working hard to bring its service back and what was stopping them from doing so.

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