You’re going to love or hate Nokia’s new dubstep ringtone

You’re going to love or hate Nokia’s new dubstep ringtone

Nokia’s hunt for a new modern ringtone for its upcoming smartphone handsets has come to an end, after Italian DJ Valerio Alessandro Sizzi recorded, submitted and won the Nokia Tune competition with a 24-second dubstep-inspired version of the iconic Nokia ringtone we have come to know and love.

Nokia says that the new tone, named Nokia Tune Dubstep Edition, will be preloaded on more than 100 million handsets worldwide, providing Sizzi with a $10,000 prize for winning the contest. The sound received 1,000 likes on Facebook and beat off 6,200 other entries to claim top spot and a place in Nokia’s mobile history.

Sizzi explains the decision to enter the competition and why he submitted his dubstep-inspired creation:

“I found out about this competition on one of my teachers’ blogs and said ‘why not? let’s try’.

I made a dubstep version of the Nokia Tune because the style has become massively popular during the last two years. I just thought that a sparkling, cool version of the Nokia Tune would attract young customers.”

You’re probably wanting to hear the new ringtone, we know already that it will divide opinion. That said, you can find a small player embedded below so you can listen to the new default Nokia tone:

Nokia Sound Design Manager Tapio Hakanen details why the Sizzi’s dubstep-inspired sounds won the competiton:

“The winner represents very much the sound of now with its energetic dubstep take on the Nokia Tune. It uses the 24-second running time cleverly having a clear intro, mid section and ending, all sitting nicely next to each other. This was one of the many examples of the Nokia Tune’s melodic flexibility.”

Ever wondered where the Nokia tune originally came from? We looked into its history in our comprehensive article here.

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