Symbian to live on to at least 2016 as Nokia closes outsourcing agreement

Symbian to live on to at least 2016 as Nokia closes outsourcing agreement

Nokia’s deal to outsource Symbian development to Accenture was formally closed on Friday, after the two companies reached an agreement to handover software development and support to the outsourcing company.

The terms of the agreement state that Accenture will support Symbian development and support at least until 2016, providing a lifeline for the stricken operating system. Nokia will transfer 2,300 of its employees from North America, Asia and Europe now that the deal is closed.

The deal was originally announced in June, with Nokia stating it would utilise Accenture to supply Nokia with resources as it transitioned to development of new Windows Phone smartphones. As a result, Accenture will work with Avanade to provide additional resources for Nokia’s Microsoft technologies, further assisting the Finnish mobile giant as it attempts to recoup some of its smartphone market share.

Reports have suggested that Nokia is working on a new low-end Linux OS codenamed ‘Meltemi’ that could power the company’s “next billion” handsets that are touch-capable and able to run applications built using its Qt framework – replacing its Series range of devices completely.

The company has said it will continue to support the Symbian platform; it’s partnership with Accenture to outsource development whilst it continues to adapt its smartphone strategies.

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