HTC to launch 8 new smartphones in Q3, forecasts record sales revenue

HTC to launch 8 new smartphones in Q3, forecasts record sales revenue

Taiwanese smartphone-maker HTC will release up to 8 new mobile devices in the third-quarter in a bid push its smartphone sales above 13.5 million units and post record sales revenue in that period, CENS reports.

With the smartphone market still growing but beginning to slow in its pace, investors believe that HTC will meet its estimates, increasing its smartphone sales of 12.11 million units in its second quarter, figures that exceeded the company’s original projection of between 11 million and 11.5 million units.

In its second quarter, HTC’s combined revenue hit NT$124.4 billion and net profits of NT$17.52 billion – all-time highs for the smartphone vendor – highlighting the company’s potential growth in the smartphone market.

HTC’s presence in Asia and China looks to be the catalyst behind HTC’s growth, with smartphone sales booming in the region, posting 200% and 400% increases respectively, so far this year.

HTC CEO Peter Chou has indicated that to keep the company competitive, the smartphone maker will continue to deliver high-end smartphones in China. Chou notes the company is positioned in the segment for middle-to-high-end smartphones and has no plans to introduce low-priced models in the market.

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