Opera’s mobile apps get search suggestions, domain learning features

Opera’s mobile apps get search suggestions, domain learning features

Desktop and mobile browsing software company Opera Software today announced two new features for its Opera Mobile and Opera Mini applications, updating the popular browsers to include search suggestions and domain learning.

Both Opera Mini 6.1 and Opera Mobile 11.1 browsers now incorporate search suggestions for Google and Yandex, working similarly to autocomplete options on Google Search-enabled Android and iPhone applications including Safari and the official Google app.

As well as completing search queries, Opera has added a smart learning feature into the address bar which adapts to user search habits, analysing new top-level domains such as .uk, .ru and .id so that users can type less when entering website addresses.

Both features have been added by the Opera team after listening to feature suggestions and feedback from users:

“We have a saying at Opera: Listen to our users,” said Dag Olav Norem, VP Product Management, Opera Software. “As a company, we are constantly listening to our users on what they want in their browser. So, to our most vocal consumers, thank you and keep the feedback coming!”

The Opera Mini browser uses industry-leading compression technology to reduce webpage loads by up to 90% on mobile devices and is currently available on Java (J2ME), BlackBerry, S60, Android, and iOS.

The Opera Mobile app is a more heavyweight browser, featuring the same rendering engine as its desktop counterpart. Compression can be enabled or disabled and is available on Android, S60 and MeeGo devices.

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