Dropbox Partners With Softbank and Sony Ericsson

Dropbox Partners With Softbank and Sony Ericsson

Bloomberg reports that Dropbox, the popular cloud storage provider, just signed deals with Japanese mobile carrier Softbank and handset manufacturer Sony Ericsson to attract more customers by preloading the app in smartphones sold in Europe and Asia.

The agreement, terms of which have been kept undisclosed, indicates that the Dropbox app will be preloaded on two phones running on Softbank’s network in Japan and Sony Ericsson Android phones that will be sold in 10 countries including the U.K., Denmark, Australia and Indonesia. Softbank and Sony Ericsson will both be promoting the app in stores and commercials, according to the report.

The partnerships are the first for Dropbox, but it most certainly won’t be the last. The Dropbox app is currently available for free on Apple’s App Store, Android Market and RIM’s App World. The company expects to sign marketing and distribution deals with U.S. carriers and manufacturers later this year.

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